Change Matrix


Himani Diwanji

Head, Branding and Marketing

Himani is an immensely unbiased, pedantic and assertive person. Armed with a commerce degree, along with graduating in elementary and intermediate design. She has 9 years of work experience in the UK. Her completion of a computer design course, and further observation of the education system her kids were brought up in, has given her an open-minded, creative and dedicated approach to pursue education and it's availability to all those who seek it. Quick to adapt and extremely positive, she is always energized to move ahead with enthusiasm and exuberance needed to tackle any new project.

Kumud Agarwal

Head, Business Relationships

Kumud is very receptive and open to all ideas with a positive and unbiased mind. This approach made her think of transforming the process of learning to include new age tools for maximum impact in areas of academics and employment. Her vision is to eliminate the scarcity of mentors, match the vast as yet unharnessed talent of teachers to the most responsive learners and influence a much wider audience in the most convenient and affordable way. Providing access to ‘right’ education is her dream. Kumud has done her graduation in Humanities with major in psychology and economics. She is a sports enthusiast and represented her state in women’s junior hockey. She believes in not taking any stress, laugh heartily with friends and live life to the fullest.

Mamta Goyal

Head, Operations and Communications

Mamta's goal of the last 20 years was to ensure her kids succeed in their chosen field of education. This single point focus pushed her to evaluate every detail of the Indian education system, from Engineering to Chartered Accountancy and CFA. A commerce graduate from NM college in Mumbai, she is a financial advisor specialising in Insurance. She has the unique ability to connect with people which helps her in understanding the nuances of challenges faced by every individual. Her solution oriented approach is a big asset for ChangeMatrix.

Priyanka Tandan

Head, Technology and Content Sourcing

Priyanka has a unique personality which leads to her becoming a sounding board for her friends. Settled in USA for over 20 years and with 11+ years of experience working within the US public school education system, she brings tremendous domain knowledge of the changes in and transformation of education. Her experience helps in evolving ideas which are more suited to the current ecosystem where digital knowledge acquisition will play a far bigger role than ever before. She is a volunteer for differently abled learners and a literacy volunteer teaching English to immigrant adults. A Marketing major, has also worked with the Times of India group in Risk Management. She is a passionate learner, avid reader, blogger and a great team leader.

Seema Rungta

Head, Sales and Customer Acquisition

Seema brings with her a versatile and diverse skill set and experience. An MBA in Finance from NMIMS, she understands the needs of both the students and mentors alike. A yoga enthusiast, and one of the coolest and calmest minds around us, her ever-smiling personality never fails to energize people. Her mission is to understand, appreciate and advise the students about the benefits of efficient education, so they can make informed career choices. Through ChangeMatrix, she dreams of changing the stereotypes in education.