Change Matrix

Mentor : Vinod Joon


Vinod is an enthusiastic Math educator since 14 years. A post graduate in Math, he has a goal is to help children and parents to understand the importance of Math not only as a subject but as an essential skill that every individual shall possess. He is researching on the prevailing issue related to learning of Math which is “Math Phobia”. He believes if a child likes the teacher he/she shall like the subject as well. The focus of his teaching methodology is: “Teach the students in the way they learn and not the way you teach.” He is also a teachers’ trainer and conducts workshops for Classroom management, Learning and Teaching Styles, Pastoral Care and mentoring etc. He has an ever pleasing personality and takes challenges with positive attitude. He thinks critically about the situations and looks for solutions rather than problems. He is a quick learner and seeks constant improvement.